Monday, January 16, 2012

We Got Married issues and rumors !!

I'm not an anti-fan of We Got Married but actually I like it .. I watch it since YeongSeo then WooJung couple and now TuekSo couple . I recently read at allkpop stating that they gonna change all of the couples . Sometimes I'm kinda piss with the rumors and all .. After a few days, Leeteuk annouced that they are not gonna leave in a short while .. I was like, WTF people !! Don't make such stupid rumors if they don't kbow anything .. I was like checking allkpop everyday for more news like a stupid person ..

    Enough about the rumors.. Now it's abouy We Got Married itself ..

It's not that I don't like the variety but sometimes, it seemed so sqripted .. Yes they say it naturally but it's like they planned that .. Overall I do like We Got Married but sometimes things just make it complicated and I hope there be no more false rumors and sqripted acting ..

**Please understand if there are some errors in my little explanation .. I'm using my phone .. If you have some objections, feel free to write a comment ..

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